Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Number 3 is OTN - On The Needles

Before I can start talking about #3, I need to show off my second sweater completed.

Mr. GreenJeans

It came out so nice. I wore it all day Saturday and to work today. It fits so nice and comfortable too. I may have to make another one of these.

Number 3: Le Smoking (A fine Fleece)
I love that book!!! I could knit just about every pattern in the book. And there is a chance I actually may do that.

I took this picture 3 days ago, but I am already about 12 inches up the body. Even though there are over 200 stitches to knit with each row, only the edges are the cabling so it moves really fast. I get to divide for the front and back at 17 inches so I should be at that point by this weekend.

I've gone through 1 skein of the Ecowool (Cascade). The kettle over-dye job I did on these skeins is really interesting. I like the subtle variation in colors. It doesn't show in the photos, which is a shame. The yarn is so much more interesting than the pictures.

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