Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Finishing Frenzy

Mr. GreenJeans is done. It seems to fit very nicely. Form fitting, but it will look nice with a "T" underneath. But the truth will be in how I like it after I've worn it a few hours. Picture is Pre-Bath and Pre-Blocking.

I also finished the 2 little quilts wall hanging. They came out very cute. I still may frame them before hanging them.

Finally, (I told you this was a Finishing Frenzy!) I completed 1 of the Diagonal Cross-Rib Socks (Ann Budd) from Favorite Socks 25 Timeless Designs
The color is not exactly flashy, but i wanted some basic boring black socks for work. And I wanted to try out this yarn. It's called Walk Away Sock Yarn. 100 gms ( 437 yards for 10.00 at Hobby Lobby. It is the Hobby Lobby brand 70 % Superwash wool, 23 % Polyamide and 7% PBT (that scares me...just a little bit) But I am only wearing it on my foot, right? Overall The yarn knitted up nice and the socks are really soft and cushy. We'll sere how this wears. I'm very hard on my socks.

The pattern of the cross ribbing muddled up the variegation very nicely and reduced any stripping or pooling of the white and gray areas. I think this pattern would work really well for any hand painted. Of course it does hide the stitch definition of the ribbing pattern. but I like the effect on the hand points

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