Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Slight distraction

As I mentioned, I went to a quilt and fabric show last Saturday. I did not buy any fabric. My stash runneth over, as is. I did go for some sewing inspiration. And I did find some!!!! I love woolfelt, and all the neat ideas that are generated with wool. I was inspired to create a penny rug. One of my own design. I love the simple rustic feel of these type placemats and rugs. This is a small version: about 18" by 12".

I also decided to venture into the area of stenciling fabric. I've been infatuated with pears and leaf designs. So I spend Sunday playing around with simple stenciled fabric. I think I will frame these 2 pieces after I quilts them.

As for Sweater Knitting......
I've completed about 1/2 the body of Mr. GreenJeans. The lighting isn't great for taking pictures, but I wanted to at least have proof that I'm actually making progress. I've tried it on, and I really like it so far. The raglan shaping seems to suit my shape. At least so far as the top of the sweater.

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