Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mr. GreenJeans Still on the needles

Yes, Mr. GreenJeans is still on my needles. I've been dedicated to him, but I've been having a fit of Spring cleaning. Anyway, I've only got 1 sleeve left to do and it is complete.

I really like top down sweaters!! Having the chance to try it on is so nice for getting the right fit. I've been thinking about doing the Kearsarge in a single spun brown yarn. But I was going to convert it to a top down. I think i could get a better fit if I did it that way. I'm not 100% convinced though. I think the yarn would work well for that pattern because it's a little unbalanced because it is spun fairly tight. It looks really good swatched in moss stitch. So I am trying to find a pattern with lots of texture. But I don't know if I like how the Kearsage fits (in most of the pictures I've seen of it knit up, anyway). Waffling is what I do best!!

As you may or may not notice, I'm trying to have my next sweater project ready to go so I don't have sweater completion remorse when Mr. GreenJeans is finished.

Knit away

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