Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finishing Projects

Le Smoking
I consider this one finished, although I think I will make the belt for it. It came out very long. I think I blocked it just a bit bigger than needed. But this can be remedied easily with a reblocking.

I originally was not going to make the belt, but, now that I have tried it on, it is more like a coat than a cardigan. So, I've changed my mind. No closures, just a belt!

Ebony & Ivory

I also finished up the second Ebony and Ivory sock (Cross-Rib Sock). I was trying to use up as much of the sock yarn as possible . I did 14 repeats of the pattern: 7 on the cuff and 7 on the foot. They fit perfect, but I could have done 9 or 10 repeats on the cuff to use up more sock yarn, as I have about 75 yards left.

I ordered the new Chrissy Gardner Toe up sock boo, Toe-Up! Patterns and Worksheets to Whip Your Sock Knitting Into Shape I'm holding off starting any new sock projects because I want to do a toe-Up sock and do it magic loop. 2 new techniques at once.....We'll have to see how that goes.

Some Mindless Knitting:
I've had some gorgeous teal blue Charity Hill Farm, Marina yarn (Rayon/linen blend - worsted). I was going to do a sweater but I wasn't sure if I would have enough yarn. So I just CO a square blanket from the Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac (Baby Blanket). I'm planning on using up all the 800 yards of this yarn on the one blanket. That is if the needles will hold that many stitches. I'm planning placing an order with KnitPicks for some longer cords today!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Le Smoking Is Cookin

Okay, A bad pun...... The Le smoking is moving ahead very nicely. The knitting has been fairly uneventful. But I think I am now getting tired of working on only 1 project at a time. And Yes that is a line where I changed skeins and did not alternate. I actually alternated on the front section so you cannot tell there. Also the line is where the belt will hit so I think it will be less noticeable. The picture makes it look worse than it actually is in person. Hence.....No ripping out!

There are times now when I just want to do something else besides the sweater knitting. I think it's because the weather is getting nice out and I know I won't be able to wear these sweaters until fall. I think my next sweater will be a summer sweater or something summery.

I will start something else though. Just another project of some kind when I just don't want to work on a "big" sweater. I've actually sewing some small sachets pouches to put some lavender oil in to put with my wool. I have in the past thrown caution to the wind when in comes to my wool. I give it up to luck so far that I have never had a problem. I think it is time to at least do something as simple as add sachets to the storage bins.