Sunday, October 22, 2006

No More Patterns - I'm in a State of Amazement

I have been officially freed from ever following a pattern again! I've made 2 sweaters with really not much of a pattern to follow, and WOW, are they the greatest things I've ever worn!!!
I finished the sweater vest. And I am still amazed how well it came out.

knit hooded sweater vest

back view knit sweater vest

This started with the yarn. Which I've envisioned as a coat garment because it was relatively bulky. I had about 900 yards. I thought a vest would definitely work out yardage-wise. I've never knitted a hooded garment, so I found a general pattern for a garment with a hood and modified for this yarn. I'm telling you this is the best way to knit for yourself.

I started knitting sweaters from patterns, and I have always been disappointed by the fit. Because, of course, when you follow the pattern, the fit is dictated by that pattern. Working without a pattern I can make anything fit the way I like it.

I guess I understand the saying Knit Fearlessly

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Old and New

It is such a great feeling when you knit something and it turns out exactly as you had imaged it in your head. And better yet, when it is a sweater and turns out to be great. Not just Okay, - "I'd where this around the house", But GREAT!!! - "This looks like something others would want"

I finished my sweater and I am so proud of it.
Cotton Sweater

Cotton Sweater 2

I really do not have a pattern for this sweater. I only have my notes. Before I forget exactly what I did, I will try to write it out. I'm finding that just working out the pattern as you go is very fun. It is writing out the patterns that I don't seem to like very much.

And because I cannot be without a project. I immediately started a Vest . The Yarn is a Bulky wool (another cone yarn from eBay). It just cries out to be some kind of outerwear. So I am trying to pull together a hooded vest design. This is my progress so far. Of course the back is the easiest part.
wool vest back

The pattern is a neat stitch design. It is called Elm Seeds (from Leisure Arts book: 99 Knit Stitches) I'll keep you posted as I go along.

Oh and I have not forgot to post the pattern for the scarf from my last entry. As I said before, I hate writing out patterns. So I have been very lax on getting that typed up. It is exceptionally easy so I just need to sit down and do it!! The funny thing is I still have not finished the scarf. I actually needed 1 more skein to get it to the length I really wanted it to be. As it turns out ,my LYS was out of that particular color, so they did a search on the yarn and turned up a skein for me. I've been waiting for the yarn to be shipped to the store to pick it up. So my "filler project" is now a UFO. Oh well, it is a Christmas present. I think I will have no problem finishing it up before then.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Projects - on the hook and on the mind

I've started a filler project. Not socks this time. But a scarf in a great crochet stitch. I've swatched this stitch with this yarn ( Classic Elite-Miracle) and I absolutely loved the look. It forms a wavy pattern that creates bumps in the fabric. Very nice!!! These are the pictures. Oh and the bird in the pictures is my yarn buddy. Her name is Skye. She is a minature Parrot called a Parrotlet. She loves to hang on my work as I do it. She also loves to cuddle up with all my latest swatches in her tent. Yes, this bird sleeps in a tent and actually lays down. You gotta loves Parrots!!

skye ad scarf 2

skye and scarf

I call this scarf a filler project, because I always have to have something on the needles. I am finishing my cotton sweater - Almost done. I need to have a small project I can finish in about a week until I decide what large project I am going to start next. I'm thinkg about a sweater in a bulky weight yarn I got on ebay this summer. I've really found that you can find some great deals on really cool yarns on Ebay. I'm particularly hooked on Cone yarns. I like getting them in and winding them out into skeins. I sometimes wash the skeins. (Sometimes not). Then I wind them into balls. Or leave them as skeins. I just love working with the yarns; imagining what projects I will do with them. I think I enjoy the process of deciding what to do with a yarn, Fanasizing about what the yarn will become as, much as I love knitting up the yarn.

Friday, September 08, 2006

High Yarn Season

The start of a Great Month. The beginning of "High Yarn Season". The time when everyday is an adventure to your maibox to get the newest yarn magazine. I study every page and every yarn. Ones I've seen before, and all the new designs. I have more than enough projects on my list, but I am constantly reshuffling the list priority.
If I wasn't organized I would never get anything done, and I would constantly be starting new projects. Since, I am a compulsive finisher, this is a big part of my knitting process.
I am already on the hunt for my next project. I've finished a couple of bags this summer ( 2 backpacks) and I am thinking of doing another cable knitted bag. But it is time to start thinking about getting started with all my Christmas gift.

I found a great soft wool at my LYS (Yarns and Fabrications in West Chester OH - Just the nicest folks) . It is from Universal Yarn Company The wool is very soft. And the colors are very nice and rich. I'm planning on making a pair of socks from the Pace for my Sister-in-law for her birthday.

Also, I've seen that Caron has come out with a few new lines of yarn I've always been a Carons Simply Soft fan. It is SOOOOO easy to take care of, and it is really very soft yarn. Not like what you think of for an acrylic yarn. Well the new colors are called :
Tweed -
and Shadows-
Hope they inspire you when you want to try something interesting, but don't have the money to spend on those high end yarns.

I am currently working on a cotton open work sweater. I should be finishing it within about 2 weeks. I am almost done with the first sleeve. It is a redesign of the Bookworm Tunic from Hip Knits-65 Easy Projects from Hot Designers- Better Homes and Garden. I love the material that the stitch makes and the cotton I am using is very soft. Actually the yarn was a great buy from Ebay. It is a plied blue and cream fingering weigh 100% cotton yarn. I was not sure how it would knit up but the swatch was very soft. So I just went for it, and I am so far very pleased.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Plaid Rug Pattern

Plaid Rug Pattern

Used Worsted weight yarn ( washable) and Size 10 Circular 29" needles.

CO 200 stitches. Connect as to knit in the round. Place a stitch marker at the beginning. Complete 6 rows in Garter stitch ( Knit 1 Row, Purl 1 Row).

After 6 rows of Garter St. are completed, continue in the following manner:
Stitch marker :P2, K98, (Place another stitch marker):
P2, K98.
Continue in the manner until the rug measures about 36 Inches from beginning. (Change colors randomly, variegated yarns look good, whatever you have on hand.)

Complete 6 rows of garter stitch and Bind off.
You have 1 large Striped tube. Turn the tube inside out and tie off the loose yarn inside with overhand knots. No need to weave any ends in!!

Turn the tube right side out. Lie it flat on the floor with the purl along the long side seam.
Weave in the contrasting color yarn according to the following:
Use a weaving needle or a darning needle, thread a long piece of yarn ( about 50 inches) and work a running stitch parallel to the long edge of the rug. Evenly space out the running stitch by picking up the bar between the V's of the knit stitch about every 4th bar. Do as many of these yarn weave lines as you like. Be careful to keep these lines as straight as possible.
Once all the length-wise yarn is weaved in, do the short-wise weaves. These are also a running stitch but I picked up the entire V of the knit stitch every 3rd stitch. Also, when I did the short-wise weaves I picked up a little of the back to secure the top and bottom of the rug together. (Optional).
Tuck in all the weave yarn ends inside the tube. Sew the ends of the tube together. Add Fringe. (Weave in the ends that are on the long side seams or add fringe to these sides).

Copyrighted 2006. Pattern is for personal use only. Pattern is not to be reposted. Items made from this pattern cannot be sold for personal gain.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm a Collector

So my first Blog-Blurb. I'm new to this so all must be patient with my inability to spell. (I promise to try ot remember to spell check), and my ramblings. I've always been sort of anti-Blog because I love the process of writing . I have journals full of my stuff. If there was a way, in my very low tech world, to actually write this down instead of typing it, then I would have been doing this years ago. I know, I know, there are pads that let you write instead of type, but in that last sentence, the key work is low tech. I am not a techno junky. In fact I hate hi tech gadgets. Mostly I am made fun of by everyone I work with becuase I refuse to switch to the latest and greatest techno gadget. In fact I have only owned 2 computers in my whole life. The one I am typing on and one I bought in 1998. I'd still be using it except, I bought a digital camera last year (yes my first) and I could not plug it into my computer. No usable USB ports. Okay enough about my resistance to computers.

Here I am. Writing about how much I love yarns. My daughter scolds me when she sees me hunting ebay for yarns. I've told her I'm a collector. But really I'm just getting started. I love yarn. I love to Knit and I love to Crochet. I cannot join enough on line groups to read what everyone is doing. I collect patterns, read tons of blogs and listen to all the podcasts. My kids think I've done lost it.
All my collecting has led me to one thing. Making things from Yarn. So here are a few picts of the things I've Formulated with some of my collection.

The bag is From a Handbags - Knitter Dozen. Absolutely love the Entrelac technique. The rug is a stash-buster. I'll share the pattern if anyone is interested.