Sunday, March 04, 2012

Having a banner year so far

So 2 months in and I must say, I have been very committed to my knitting and spinning.
As you can see from my meters on the side bar I have been up to a lot. I already finished my Victoria sweater. I still need to sew on the buttons and put up good pictures, but all else is done. I absolutely love it!! I also finished Juno Regina, 3 cowls, and 2 Chemo caps.
I have started the Larch sweater. I'm doing it in a light sport/fingering recycled yarn. Just finished the ribbing.
And I have ordered the yarn for the Slit shoulder sweater in Vogue Knitting Spring Summer 2012. My daughter really liked that pattern. I decided that I wanted to do it in Sport weight yarn not Worsted. She is like me. She likes her sweaters to be light and not thick. I chose to order the CotLin sport from Knit picks. I thought the little bit of linen would help to reduce the stretch, and it only cost ~45 dollars in yarn, so if she hates it, no big $$$$ outage. This is the first time I have knit her a sweater. So I'd like it to be something she wants to wear!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Years Knitting & Spinning Resolutions

It takes me some time to think about what I want to focus on in the coming year. And generally I am not a News Years Resolutions kind of person. But I did take some stock in last year, and it made me realize some things I would like to do this year!
In 2011, I knit 6.6 miles of yarn. For me, that is quite an accomplishment. So I decided that I could easily try to knit 7 miles next year. It's a modest goal based on last year, but at least it's more!
My next goal in 2012 is I would like to track the yardage (grams/kilos/pounds/etc) of yarn that I spin. I did alot of spinning in 2011, but I cannot figure out how many yards; Some of it I did not label, some I did not log into ravelry, and some I knit into projects.

As for things I would like to knit this year. Well, with me that kind of goes with the wind. But in 2011, I explored knitting different kinds of projects. I did triangle lace shawls, mittens, colorwork hats, etc. I realized that for the most part, I like knitting sweaters and socks!!

I only knit 2 sweater and 1 vest this whole year. I have to say, I really missed having that "big" project on the needles. So I am trying to plan out a bunch of sweaters for 2012 and try to top my goal 5 sweaters in 2010. Even if I match it, I will be happy, because I will be knitting sweaters all year round.

As the compliment to knitting sweaters, I am planning to work on knitting down my modest stash of commercial spun and handspun sock yarn.

And in NO WAY am I going to go on a YARN DIET. My stash is actually quite slim, as I have been very mindful of purchasing yarn since my 2010 yarn diet. I am only buying stuff I really love and want to knit with and wear.

I think that covers my goals. I'll keep posting my progress. And I keep my projects up to date on Ravelry. Friend me, I'd love that!
Have a great 2012.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fiber Prep For Woolen Spinning

I've spent the last 3 weeks working on spinning ~ a pound of wool using the long draw method. I found it very satisfying. The roving was prepped from a carded batt so I did not have to do anything special to the fiber to spin it long draw. However, I was listening to the Podcast Just One More Row, and they described a method of fiber prep for long draw that I had never heard of. They called it Fauxlags(Faked Rolags). I used this method with some fiber that needed some prep because it had slightly felted, and I was really struggling to draft it. So the following is a little tutorial on how I made my Fauxlags.

First I pulled apart the roving into little section. I chose to do this by color organizing darker spots and lighter blue sections.

Pulled apart each section separating the fibers until it's fairly thin. The thinner you make this the finer you can spin your single.

Use a dowel or pencil. Place it along the bottom edge of the fibers you just separated.

Roll up the fibers around the pencil/dowel loosely.

Once it's rolled up take out the pencil from the center. Do not compact the roll.

You will spin off the end of the Fauxlag. Start by pre-drafting from one end. I organized my rolls in the order I wanted to spin them. This allow you to get long color repeats.

and this was the single on the bobbin.

This method works great if you want to spin long draw and you have top or if you want to better control your color repeats on a short-color repeat roving.

Hope this is helpful

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A New Spinning Toy

I had to Share a photo of my new toy. I got it last Saturday and I just had my first chance to use it last night.

The toy came from Sharon at Loom-N-Essence. I had to wait a while because Will was out of the country, but it was SOOOO worth the wait. It is exactly what I want and it works so well.

The singles are the Labyrinth colorway from Fiber Optics. I am doing a 2 ply (Obviously). My test yarn came out to be 20 WPI.

Finished Project:
My Buttercup got finished this week. I love how it turned out. Details on my Rav Page. The Linen Yarn (Katia lino 100%) is so nice and drappy. I purchased this yarn at a close-out sale last summer at The Courtyard (32 Palmetto Bay Road, #10A Hilton Head Island, SC 29928).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life is Good

I find going on vacation is always so wonderful. I get to reconnect with my family, & kids, and this vacation was no disappointment!! A week at Hilton Head with my family topped off my June like nothing else!
One of the best parts was going down to the beach the first night. We came across a Sea Turtle, A loggerhead. She was crawling up to the dunes to lay her eggs, and it was amazing. My son said he felt like he saw a dinosaur! She looked like she weighed about 150-200 pounds. I've never seen anything like it.

We also had the chance to see a horseshoe crab and a plethora of starfish in the wild. And finally after all these years, we spotted our first alligator at Hilton head. It was a banner year for spotting wildlife.
As wonderful as the entire vacation was, sleeping for 12 hours in my own bed last night was the best.

As for knitting, I finished a started and finished a dish towel the final in my series of 3. This makes 710 yards completed for The Knit Girllls Stash Dash.

I also finished the first sleeve on my fylingdales sweater. (Sorry No sleeve picture yet)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ah MAN!!!! I missed it!

I just was going through my blogger account reading blogs that I had not kept up on in about 2 months!! I was reading AbbyYarns blog and realilzed I missed STRINGTOPIA!

That really Sucks!! I want to take some spinning classes and some of the best teachers in the country were in my backyard, and I missed it!!!!

Abby, Please have another retreat! From now on I will be stalking your website to see if you repeat this event.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

More Pictures to Share

I've completed 4 oz (of the 8 oz) of Frabjous Fibers Merino Top braid( Colorway: Summit 125) I bought at Knit-On. It's 2 ply woolen spun. For about 460 yards. I tried to do a high twist woolen spun to make it more durable in case I decided I wanted to do socks out of it, But I think this is crying to be a shawl or Infinity scarf, It is very soft and squishy!!

I've completed a Chullo and mittens from Colorwork Creations: I love them both.
Bluebird Chullo:

These are for my Daughter. She picked the colorway so It would not be so Dramatic. But I like the subtle patterning.

For these pattern I used a fingering weight yarn. It was a combination of some Vintage (Patons brands - Nylox and Beehive and York Brands - looks like about 1960-1970's) sock yarn and KnitPicks Essential. I bought the vintage sock yarn off Ebay about 5 years ago from a lady in Canada who inherited it from her grandmother. It's not superwash (I found that out the hard way!!- Felting a pair of socks) But it is very nice to work with.

Fylingdales, In Progress:

This is being worked in Cascade 220 sport in the lightest gray colorway.

Dish Towel
In Queensland Haze Yarn (Corn and Cotton blend. Purchased at Main street Yarns. The pattern is from Mason Dixon Knitting