Sunday, October 22, 2006

No More Patterns - I'm in a State of Amazement

I have been officially freed from ever following a pattern again! I've made 2 sweaters with really not much of a pattern to follow, and WOW, are they the greatest things I've ever worn!!!
I finished the sweater vest. And I am still amazed how well it came out.

knit hooded sweater vest

back view knit sweater vest

This started with the yarn. Which I've envisioned as a coat garment because it was relatively bulky. I had about 900 yards. I thought a vest would definitely work out yardage-wise. I've never knitted a hooded garment, so I found a general pattern for a garment with a hood and modified for this yarn. I'm telling you this is the best way to knit for yourself.

I started knitting sweaters from patterns, and I have always been disappointed by the fit. Because, of course, when you follow the pattern, the fit is dictated by that pattern. Working without a pattern I can make anything fit the way I like it.

I guess I understand the saying Knit Fearlessly

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