Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm a Collector

So my first Blog-Blurb. I'm new to this so all must be patient with my inability to spell. (I promise to try ot remember to spell check), and my ramblings. I've always been sort of anti-Blog because I love the process of writing . I have journals full of my stuff. If there was a way, in my very low tech world, to actually write this down instead of typing it, then I would have been doing this years ago. I know, I know, there are pads that let you write instead of type, but in that last sentence, the key work is low tech. I am not a techno junky. In fact I hate hi tech gadgets. Mostly I am made fun of by everyone I work with becuase I refuse to switch to the latest and greatest techno gadget. In fact I have only owned 2 computers in my whole life. The one I am typing on and one I bought in 1998. I'd still be using it except, I bought a digital camera last year (yes my first) and I could not plug it into my computer. No usable USB ports. Okay enough about my resistance to computers.

Here I am. Writing about how much I love yarns. My daughter scolds me when she sees me hunting ebay for yarns. I've told her I'm a collector. But really I'm just getting started. I love yarn. I love to Knit and I love to Crochet. I cannot join enough on line groups to read what everyone is doing. I collect patterns, read tons of blogs and listen to all the podcasts. My kids think I've done lost it.
All my collecting has led me to one thing. Making things from Yarn. So here are a few picts of the things I've Formulated with some of my collection.

The bag is From a Handbags - Knitter Dozen. Absolutely love the Entrelac technique. The rug is a stash-buster. I'll share the pattern if anyone is interested.

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