Friday, September 08, 2006

High Yarn Season

The start of a Great Month. The beginning of "High Yarn Season". The time when everyday is an adventure to your maibox to get the newest yarn magazine. I study every page and every yarn. Ones I've seen before, and all the new designs. I have more than enough projects on my list, but I am constantly reshuffling the list priority.
If I wasn't organized I would never get anything done, and I would constantly be starting new projects. Since, I am a compulsive finisher, this is a big part of my knitting process.
I am already on the hunt for my next project. I've finished a couple of bags this summer ( 2 backpacks) and I am thinking of doing another cable knitted bag. But it is time to start thinking about getting started with all my Christmas gift.

I found a great soft wool at my LYS (Yarns and Fabrications in West Chester OH - Just the nicest folks) . It is from Universal Yarn Company The wool is very soft. And the colors are very nice and rich. I'm planning on making a pair of socks from the Pace for my Sister-in-law for her birthday.

Also, I've seen that Caron has come out with a few new lines of yarn I've always been a Carons Simply Soft fan. It is SOOOOO easy to take care of, and it is really very soft yarn. Not like what you think of for an acrylic yarn. Well the new colors are called :
Tweed -
and Shadows-
Hope they inspire you when you want to try something interesting, but don't have the money to spend on those high end yarns.

I am currently working on a cotton open work sweater. I should be finishing it within about 2 weeks. I am almost done with the first sleeve. It is a redesign of the Bookworm Tunic from Hip Knits-65 Easy Projects from Hot Designers- Better Homes and Garden. I love the material that the stitch makes and the cotton I am using is very soft. Actually the yarn was a great buy from Ebay. It is a plied blue and cream fingering weigh 100% cotton yarn. I was not sure how it would knit up but the swatch was very soft. So I just went for it, and I am so far very pleased.

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Ginny said...

Love the backpacks!

I do plan lots of posts about the cashmere, have to get some work done on an essay in between the knitting projects, but I hope to start swatching and washing soon, though I have to chart the main pattern first, i think, to see if I can minimise the non-heart elements!

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