Monday, August 28, 2006

Plaid Rug Pattern

Plaid Rug Pattern

Used Worsted weight yarn ( washable) and Size 10 Circular 29" needles.

CO 200 stitches. Connect as to knit in the round. Place a stitch marker at the beginning. Complete 6 rows in Garter stitch ( Knit 1 Row, Purl 1 Row).

After 6 rows of Garter St. are completed, continue in the following manner:
Stitch marker :P2, K98, (Place another stitch marker):
P2, K98.
Continue in the manner until the rug measures about 36 Inches from beginning. (Change colors randomly, variegated yarns look good, whatever you have on hand.)

Complete 6 rows of garter stitch and Bind off.
You have 1 large Striped tube. Turn the tube inside out and tie off the loose yarn inside with overhand knots. No need to weave any ends in!!

Turn the tube right side out. Lie it flat on the floor with the purl along the long side seam.
Weave in the contrasting color yarn according to the following:
Use a weaving needle or a darning needle, thread a long piece of yarn ( about 50 inches) and work a running stitch parallel to the long edge of the rug. Evenly space out the running stitch by picking up the bar between the V's of the knit stitch about every 4th bar. Do as many of these yarn weave lines as you like. Be careful to keep these lines as straight as possible.
Once all the length-wise yarn is weaved in, do the short-wise weaves. These are also a running stitch but I picked up the entire V of the knit stitch every 3rd stitch. Also, when I did the short-wise weaves I picked up a little of the back to secure the top and bottom of the rug together. (Optional).
Tuck in all the weave yarn ends inside the tube. Sew the ends of the tube together. Add Fringe. (Weave in the ends that are on the long side seams or add fringe to these sides).

Copyrighted 2006. Pattern is for personal use only. Pattern is not to be reposted. Items made from this pattern cannot be sold for personal gain.

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