Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Projects - on the hook and on the mind

I've started a filler project. Not socks this time. But a scarf in a great crochet stitch. I've swatched this stitch with this yarn ( Classic Elite-Miracle) and I absolutely loved the look. It forms a wavy pattern that creates bumps in the fabric. Very nice!!! These are the pictures. Oh and the bird in the pictures is my yarn buddy. Her name is Skye. She is a minature Parrot called a Parrotlet. She loves to hang on my work as I do it. She also loves to cuddle up with all my latest swatches in her tent. Yes, this bird sleeps in a tent and actually lays down. You gotta loves Parrots!!

skye ad scarf 2

skye and scarf

I call this scarf a filler project, because I always have to have something on the needles. I am finishing my cotton sweater - Almost done. I need to have a small project I can finish in about a week until I decide what large project I am going to start next. I'm thinkg about a sweater in a bulky weight yarn I got on ebay this summer. I've really found that you can find some great deals on really cool yarns on Ebay. I'm particularly hooked on Cone yarns. I like getting them in and winding them out into skeins. I sometimes wash the skeins. (Sometimes not). Then I wind them into balls. Or leave them as skeins. I just love working with the yarns; imagining what projects I will do with them. I think I enjoy the process of deciding what to do with a yarn, Fanasizing about what the yarn will become as, much as I love knitting up the yarn.

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Vashti Braha said...

Just found your blog from Fashioncrochet list. Beautiful scarf. That yarn is one of my all-time favorites. It takes any stitch pattern to the next level! I bought a single skein to play with years ago in an amazing butter color and got lost in a world of this one skein, swatching up all different kinds of stitches, then went to the store to buy more and the color was discontinued so I bought a heathery blue instead. Back then, I didn't know that yarn shops can do searches.