Sunday, July 15, 2007

SOS 2007 Design submission. Help Needed!!

The pattern for my SOS2007 design contest is almost done. I just have the toe to finish up on the second pair. I've been diligently knitting a row....writing the pattern....knitting a row....writing the pattern. I was so happy to get to the repeat part so it would go faster. I have to say I am very satisfied how it came out. For my first design, no real issues arose.

I do need some help, If anyone out there is willing to help test the pattern, I'll purchase you the yarn. If you are interested I can send you a picture of the socks I have finished and you can decide if you want to help me. I've already purchased the yarn from Simply Socks Yarn Co. It is the Lanna Grossa Meilenweit-Wool solids in (Pink, Green, Turquoise, & Yellow). I have lots of 2 color combinations to choose from so you can pick the 2 colors you want your socks to be.
If interested please leave me a comment.

Now that I am done with my Pattern designing, I can start knitting socks from others' patterns. I've been scouting all the socks that everyone else is doing at SOS2007. They have given me some great ideas. I love being here with all these potential socks to knit and Yarns to use.

Have a great week! Off to Knit!

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