Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sock Designing for SOS 2007

I have finally settled on the Sock design for SOS 2007. It is different than the socks I finished in my previous post, but I will say.... It's related. The pattern is a play with 2 colors. I made one is a highly contrasting color (Bernat Hot Sox Yarn in blue and white). I'm in the process of finishing this second sock of this pair. I am using up my cheaper acrylic yarn for this first pair as I work out the pattern kinks. I've had this yarn for years before I found the good stuff. I've decided that I will give this pair to a friend who is allergic to wool. She always asks for stuff made with acrylic yarn- which just kills me. But that is what friends do for each other.....make sacrifices. I knit with acrylic just for her. I think I will try to convert her to cotton, silk and bamboo.

Back to the pattern:
I love the look of Fair Isle knitting, but to be honest I've always been very intimidated with doing more than 1 color knitting, other than stripes. That is how I am. If it looks hard, I have a tendency to shy away from it until I finally tell myself , "This is not that hard, put your mind to it and practice." So recently I started playing around with Fair Isle Techniques and swatched out some ideas. And finally I decided I could do this in a sock. So hence I started working on the Ute sock pattern and found that I am an extremely tight knitter, so my sock seemed fairly tight and will not stretch much. Although I can get it on my foot. And once it is on, it is nice and snug. But I don't like to struggle to get my socks on. For me, the end result of my knitting is important. I guess that means I am not a process knitter. I do not want to knit something I do not want to wear. So I've quit working on the Ute socks (for now) and started working out how to use the Fair Isle knitting style in a sock that allows for stretch and comfort while wearing. Plus, I get to submit something to the SOS 2007 Design contest. What fun this has been!!

Wish me luck. I'll check to see if I can post the picture of the socks on this blog. If so I will. I'd love know what others think of them.

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