Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter Weekend in Full swing

Some Knitting News First.
These are the pictures of my current Sock Projects. I've been working on the Undulating Rib socks in My Sockotta. I think the first sock came out great. I've already casted on the second sock.....of course while reading Harry Potter. I am trying the Elizabeth Zimmerman's recommendation about reading and knitting. It is a little hard because I need to pay attention tot he pattern and count and read in my head, but really it just slows down both he knitting and reading at this point. I just get the enjoy both for longer.

U-Rib sock

Also.....TaaaDaaaa! Just a teaser. Below is a picture of my sock that I have designed for the SOS design contest.
SOS2007 hint

I still need help...If anyone is interested in testing the pattern for me I would GREATLY GREATLY appreciate it.

I'm going to spend today at the Harry Potter Movie with my kids and friends and then come home and read the book. Maybe try some knitting along with it.
Happy Harry Potter Weekend Everyone!!

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