Sunday, July 29, 2007

Frogging and Filling

Well I finally decided to Frog the sweater I started last Spring. I just was not happy about how the front pattern was looking.

Sweater before Frogging

I did not like the center cable.. It was coming out too tight and pulling the yarn to the right and creating long strands along the left side. That no matter how hard I tried to tighten during my knitting, it always seemed to occur. The photo below isn't very clear but you can see how loose the stitches were along the center cable.

Guage problems at side of tight cable

I like the yarn. I got it off off Ebay. It was from some farm in Connecticut. It was called Mule Spun. It reminds me of Bartlett yarn. I think I will start a new sweater with it, but I need to decide on a less complicated cable pattern. The moss stitching I did on the back side was really very nice so maybe I'll design something along those lines.

As for my Filler project:
Okay, you must know what a filler project is....a project that will only take a few hours, so it will not interfere with any other project commitment. Since I just couldn't decide on a sock pattern to begin for pair 3 of my SOS2007 KAL, I decided to cast on the filler project the Saarjte baby booties, for my friend who is due in October. A perfect filler project!!

Saartje Booties

These are just the most adorable baby booties. And they are SOOOOOOOO small. I finished them in about 2 hours including sewing on the buttons.
I knit these in a vintage yarn: Miss Canada (Patons & Baldwins LTD) 100% wool on size 1 needles. The yarn is a very smooth fingering weight with alot of spring to it. Each booties came out to about 3" long.

I think today I will pour over some of my sock patterns and maybe some sweater patterns to decide what I should do next.
Can you believe it, Since I frogged the sweater, I have NOTHING ON THE NEEDLES. Time to get casting on!!

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