Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just Another Saturday

Well, I finished the I Love Ruffles sweater.....Again. but it definitely fits me much better. I washed it to allow the yarn to "muush" together in the ruffles. It is drying on the ping-pong table.

And I got started on my summery tank top. I am making it in the style of Macie from Berrocco. I cannot get myself to buy patterns anymore. For something like a tank top I can wing it. I cast on with the Channel Isle cast on ( this adds a bead at the cast on edge.) I really like the effect with the garter stitch.


I'm doing it in Cotton ease. I really love working with cotton. I know most people like wool. Don't get me wrong.....Wool is very Nice. But I like how soft and drappy cotton can be. I'll keep you posted on the progress. I don't expect this to be too difficult. I'm really just planning on a simple st st tank. I'm a simple girl.

I've been listening to pod casts today. I listened to the new Christa Knits. I liked it. Also, Brenda Dayne of Cast-On had Amy Singer from Knitty magazine on. She was talking about her new book "No Sheep for Ewe." She recommended the cotton blend yarn Calmers from Rowan. I may have to try it. She said it is the best substitute for wool in any Aran or Fair Isle knitting. I love Aran knitting so I may have to try. The only thing that will hold me back is my stash is still too big.

I fell off the wagon this week. I bought some Katia, Beetle and some Sportive, Marathon yarn on Ebay. Alot of it. It was so worth it. About 2 -3 sweaters full. 26 skeins of Marathon (10-Black, 10-White and 6-Red) and 6 of the Katia Beetle.

I was planning on using the Beetle in my new tank project, but decided that there wouldn't be enough because I was making it very long (mid thigh) So I am saving it for another project. I did knit up a quick swatch, and it seemed to knit up very nice. It had a great spring to it. It forgot to mention that it is a nylon tubular type yarn. Not usually what I even consider, but I think I like the way it knit up. It looked very smooth and defined. It needs to decide what it wants to be yet. I'll let it stew for a while.

Enough rambling....Off to to you all soon.

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