Saturday, March 03, 2007

Getting Back on the Band Wagon

I've been gone a long time from writing. My life has been crazy. Actually I just recently got my picture program put back on my computer so I can now download pictures again. (YEA!!!!!)

I've been knitting up a storm. Still working on Socks. I promised my Mom and Dad Socks for their 51st wedding anniversary. So I did the Edelweiss sock in Browns for my Mom and a loose 3x3 ribbing sock for my Dad. He always complains that Socks are too tight so I am hoping he likes these.

eidelweiss socks

eidelweiss socks 2

I also completed the I Love Ruffles from Creative Knitting March 2007 issue.

I love Ruffles

I did it in a Cone yarn of Wool acrylic & cotton Blend. I think it will be great for the summer. Also, I've finished a few hats from he book my daughter got me for Christmas. So far I have pretty much loved all the hats. I'm not sure if Berets are my style but the felted hat and the non felted version of the hat in the picture are Great.
felted hat

Actually, President's Day I went home to visit Family and my Sister-in Law (CA) loved my hat so much I let her keep it. She wore it the whole weekend. I'm really glad she liked it. It was my favorite hat too. I will need to knit myself another one. These were actually the first hats I've ever made. I'm just not a small project person. Unless you count socks. But I will say, they are super quick and fun.

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