Saturday, March 17, 2007

DeConstruction - The Decision to Fix

I hate to ripe apart my knitting once I've finished a garment, but in this case I just had to!!. My I love Ruffles sweater needed something. I loved the way it fit everywhere but in the shoulders. It was very wide and kept slipping off. I tried to live with it. You know, I kept telling myself it would be sexy for the summer. Like all those photos of models with their sweaters off one shoulder. Well, let me tell you in real life this is just plain annoying.

There is nothing sexy about washing the dishes in your flannel PJ's and having your sweater keep falling off you shoulder!!

Okay. So I ripped out all the crochet frilly edging. This was not easy because it kept getting caught on the woven in ends. Then I decided to pick up stitches along the collar and about 1/2 ways down the front. I worked some short rows at the shoulder seams ( only 2 row) and kept going back and forth until I had 9 rows. I did some shaping at the front edges by binding off about 6 stitches, 3 times each side.

ruffles sweater neckline

This picture shows the neck line. The shoulder seam is at the right of the picture. You can see how the knitting is coming toward you or "up" the neck. I am now to the point where I am re-adding the crochet frill......... again.

One other change I had to make. I would have run out of yarn, but I decided to do the crochet with 1 strand of the yarn. I had plied 2 strands of this beige yarn together for the knitting part. This has actually worked out really well. Crochet fabric is so much more dense you really don't need as heavy weight a yarn as you do with knitting. Good thing, because I think I would not be able to add the frills in the same yarn if I did not do this.


Guido, from It's a Purl Man, will be on Good morning AMERICA ( March 19th). I've sent him my idea for the poster he asked for on this last Pod cast. My slogan was

KNITTERS - Take their Yarn All the Way

Tune in if you can and look for Him.

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Karen said...

Sounds like a good fix -- I just may try it on my Heartbeat. Really hate to have wasted my time and effort, but also didn't like the fix of just adding more and more rounds to the edging -- you may have performed a successful intervention Jude!