Sunday, March 11, 2007

Papa's socks done too

Wanted to let you know I've finished my Dad's socks. The anniversary present is finished. I think they will like them. I made them in 3x3 ribbing. My dad has really wide feet and he says he has a hard time finding socks that are not too tight. After listening to Line&violet talk about the Grumperina socks being very loose because of the 3x3 ribbing pattern, I figured that would be great!!!! ( I just Love them!!! Done you?). Any way.
Papa's socks 2
Let me explain the sock yarn.
Papa's sock yarn
Papa's socks
I like to resue yarn ( oh yeah - and get a great deal!!) So i hunt ebay for good yarns that are seeking a new life. They York yarn came from a lot of sock yarn I bought from a woman in Canada. I got about 25 skeins of wool/nylon for about $25 .00) It was mostly solid colors, but that is what I like working with the best. I love making lace socks. I think the solids show off the pattens the best.

I'm glad they are done. Because now I can work on something else. I'm thinking about Macie from Berroco. I like the simple style and I really love the (cotton) easy-breezy look. I'll keep you up to date.

I have another project that I could work on. It is a Gansey wool sweater. I bought some handspun wool on ebay ( reminded me of Bartlett's but it was from a small farm in Connecticut). I could not pass it up. I got a sweater's full ( 6 skeins of about 200 yards) for 20.00 dollars!!!! I will let you know how that is going. I'm working on it between projects because I cannot wear it until next winter so there is no hurry.

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