Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back to it in the New Year

Well, I've resurfaced into the new year. I've noticed that others have done what I did and seemed to go underground for a few months. I will sy I miss my podcasts and blogs. But I am as guilty as they are. This year's holiday season was hectic, and I dare say I am somewhat glad it is over.

Knitting ahs been very productive. I did make lots of presents for everyone. Mostly Scarves and Socks. I think if I do this next year I will start in June, Not October! Word to the wise!
I did not take pictures of the present I made. They came out really good, but I wrapped them quickly and off they went. So I have no new pictures, but I should soon. I am almost finished with the Eidelweisse socks from Vogue Knitting. They are coming out really nice.

Well off to start my day.


Adele said...

Welcome back! I was about to give up and stop checking every week.

Jude said...

I didn't even realize anyone read my blog
I just realized you left me a comment
thanks -

Pictures to follow. I know that is what I love