Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What Fun.... Ohhh, Baby Knitting

I've been knitting away and enjoying every minute. I was inspired by the coral snake exhibit at the Subversive Knitting and Lace Show. For those who have not seen it....It was coral snake skins knitted!!! I wanted to get a picture but the guards wouldn't let me. Anyway, the exhibit inspired my coral snake socks.. I'm almost done with them.
coral snake socks

The socks were interrupted by Baby booties. 2 good friends are having babies. June and October! I wanted to come up with something cute but not too involved since I don't have much time for the June baby. Plus we don't know if it is a Girl or A Boy. Then, I found the Old World Booties (

Baby Booties

The picture is of the Gold Bobble Booties (Felted - In Cascade EcoWool Yellow/Aqua). And half way through the Green Serf Booties. I think I will like the serf booties better because they lace up. I'll post the final pictures when done. there is also a pair of Jester booties with bells on them. I may have to make those too just for the fun of it. I had a hard time envisioning how these booties would sew together but once I worked on them a while, it was very evident. And SUPER easy. I can finish one in a night.

I'm also thinking about trying the baby sweater wrap from Elizabeth Zimmerman. I know there was the tutorial/pattern in the last interweave knits magazine. It looks easy and fun...Just my kind of knitting.

Have a great Day!!

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Anastacia said...

Cute photos - I love the stripey socks. The colors look really good together! I thought it was self striping at first!

Thanks for joining our KAL!