Friday, January 14, 2011

January, January, January.....

It's only the middle of January, and the winter blues have already set in!! I've been a little slow to start this year. Usually, I have some grand plan for the year ahead, and January is the month to kick it off. Not so this year.....

My new plan for this year is to find a bunch of "demi-grand" plans to get excited about. I'm still working on the definition of Demi-Grand. Can I call starting a new project demi-Grand?

My Yarny Recap for the Year 2010 - AKA, My Stash Down.
My total yardage knit was 11,000 yds.
My total stash down (which I call all the yarn that left my possession in 2010 was: 7850 yds. I now have 24,750 yards in my stash.

My total yardage purchased in 2010: technically, I bought 7550 yds.
2000 yds (Counts) from vacation yarn purchases
2200 yds (Counts) from 2 bags of closeout priced Universal Deluxe Worsted Tones for $40.00 including shipping!! No one should pass that up. And it's very nice yarn too!!
500 yds (counts). I needed Knit Picks needles for a project and I bought some wool of the Andies for A Kristin Nichols colorwork project that I had started with some left over yarn. I wanted the free shipping.

650 yds of Kauni yard Does not Count!! I bought this yarn and split it with a lady from my knitting group. We were part of the Lucy Neatby Bubble Scarf KAL. I finished the scarf. So the yarn was in and out in 2010.
2300 yds does not count!!! It counts toward 2011 purchased yarn. I had the opportunity in December to buy yarn with money had I put away since summer. In my mind, it was 2011. Oh, and by the way...I'm not counting for 2011.

Overall, my goal in 2010 was to get to a stash that I loved, to carve out the yarns that I purchased long ago with the intent of making something, but now know, that just ain't happening. I feel I'm mostly there.

My perspective on my crafting supplies, be it yarn, fabric, buttons, whatever:
Love what you have
Use what you have
And don't save the good stuff for special occasions.

Everyday is special. Treat yourself well.

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