Saturday, September 25, 2010

Still Spinning

Fun with Spinning
Just a quick update on my spinning. I went to A Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, Oh last weekend and came away with a 1-1/2 lbs. of fiber.

8 oz of Crown Mountain Farms - Superwash Merino in the Stand by Me colorway. It's not a typical colorway for me so I'm excited to try it.

All my other purchases where natural colors. I bought the most beautiful taupe/white mixed BFL from The Trading Post. I've already spun up the following:

It's (3 oz) 190 yds of 2 ply Worsted spun (11 WPI). It looks fairly brown in the picture, but it is more gray in real life. Also, it is darker in this photo.
It is so nice. I still have 5 oz to spin. I'm really enjoying it.

I also bought 8 oz each of Dark Brown BFL and white Finn from Circle Hill Farms (Bradford, OH). I've never spun Finn. My plan is to spin up 2 bobbins full (2 oz or maybe 4 oz each) in the woolen fashion. I'm shooting for the 2 ply to be about sport weight or fingering weight. We'll see!!

I'm still smitten with the woolen spinning. It's just like magic the way the fiber drafts out so easily and has this "elasticy" feel to it. I've heard others describe it that way, but now that I've tried it, I completely understand it!

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