Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweater Chronicles 2010

The Inishmore is really chugging along. I've almost completed both the back and front!! It has taken about 1 month of dedicated knitting to this project.
(this is a bad picture, but it shows the progress)

I have found there to be definite advantage to dedicated knitting that I think folks who jump around to various projects miss out on. When I knit on a complicated project, after about 1 week, I get into a groove. My brain may not memorize the pattern, but it gets a good feel for it. So, following the Inishmore pattern, while its very involved, I can, with just a glance at the chart, do the repeat pattern This speeds up my knitting tremendously.

When I started this sweater, I figured I'd be finishing it some time next September, but I can really foresee that I will have this done in March!!

More Detailed view of the Back

I have had a few distractions, but not knitting distraction: I ordered some superwash merino roving for spinning, as I am almost out of fiber to spin. (only thing left in the stash is some natural brown BFL (2-3 oz) and 3 oz of Merino/Alpaca). So I wanted to think about playing with some colors spinning, designing up my own color repeat with some teals & greens.

I could not resist, I got 1 pound total of Teals, Greens, Grey, and True Black (4 oz each) from Dyeingforcolour (etsy) for a very reasonable price. This will keep me spinning on my spindle for quite some time.

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