Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010: The Year of the Sweater

It's almost the end of January, but It has taken me this long to figure out what i want this year to be about for me. I've listened to all the podcasts talking about their knitting resolutions (and other craft related resolutions for that matter). There recommendations have been plentiful. but:

I cannot say that I want to do the 10 in 10 group (10 shawls in 2010). I like shawls - I mean look at my Ravelry Favorites, but I've never been one to make something, just to make it. I like to make things I want to use or wear. I don't need 10 more shawls. Maybe 1 or 2.

I'm not up for the commitment of the Rav-Olympics. That is all that can be said about that!!

So what is it you say??? I'm making 2010 the year of the Sweater. I've had many sweaters planned out now for almost 2 years. So my plan is to finish at least 3 sweaters this year. Maybe not the crazy sweater a month challenge from last year. But I want to make sweaters i will actually wear. So My plan is.... which could change depending on how the wind blows next month.....
1.) Inishmore (Alice Staremore). I've moved along on it fairly well. I've now finished the back and started the front. Even if my Rav page is not up to date. I've been planning this sweater for about 1 year. I've read it is a labor of love. It is true. Pretty much, every stitch is different, but I'm in a groove now. I've gotten the pattern, sort of, memorized and I can work through it fairly quickly. That being said, I still expect that, even if I am monogamous to this sweater, it will take me through March to complete all the knitting.

2.) Mr Greenjeans: I've had a lovely cone yarn in an olivey/hunter green with some mint green sheen-bits variegated throughout. Sounds weird, but I think it will make a great Mr. Greenjeans sweater.

3.) Modell 27 - Verena Knitting Winter 2010. I've finally found a sweater that I can use that 4 skeins of Cascade EcoWool that I overdyed with the Navy Blue. I think this will work out perfectly for those.

4.) Owls (This is not a definite yet.) I have 2 skeins of natural Cascade Ecowool and some barber-poled brown and natural that I thought the owls sweater would look nice in. But I'm not 100% sold that this wool will work for that sweater. I may check out Jackie's (Kipping it Real Podcast) about her Owls sweater that she did in worsted weight.

So far that is what I hope to accomplish. Of course there will be other small projects interspersed. But for me, 3-4 sweaters a year is Damn Amazing!

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