Monday, June 22, 2009

Tour de Fleece

I've joined the Tour de Fleece. Yeah!!!!! I'm so not a joiner. Always afraid I will disappoint someone (exactly who, I don't know...) But I decided come on..Spinning is great, and I love watching the bikers in those tight shorts. Okay call me a cougar (Meowww)

Anyway. Here is the training work I have been starting on. I've spun up some shetland wool that I got last year at the Yellow Springs Fiber Festival (at Youngs dairy). I decided to try my hand at playing with it as a single ply. I thought that crocheting with the single would work out fine, and it seemed to be great!

I made a doily...well it was going to be a hat, but did too many increases. I found out that the only problem with crocheting with energized singles (wool!!) is you cannot rip out very easily. It just kept sticking to itself, and I did not want to break the thread......So a lovely wool doily was the most obvious other option.
100_5414Sorry this picture is a little fuzzy, but you get the idea.

I also worked on a funky edging pattern using this single ply.

spider crawl swatch
I call it Spider Crawl. I pinned it to my lampshade by my bed. It looks really cool. I may work out a pattern for a lampshade out of this pattern...We'll see.

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