Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life Life Life

Well, I've taken a break from blogging and from Ravelry updating too. I've spent alot of time knitting and crocheting, but I have not put a picture up or talked or written about it anywhere.

My son is a senior this year, and we spent the beginning of this year visiting colleges and applying for scholarships, etc, etc. Wow!!! it has taken some dedication from both of us to make the decision of which school to attend!! But he has made his decision. I expect the summer will be fun filled getting everything ready for his first year.

Since it is March (National Craft Month) I should try to update as much s possible. So my goal is to update my Ravelry page and my blog with as many of my projects that I have finished and started. Some I gave away for gifts, so I may not get everything, but there are many just waiting to be seen.......

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