Monday, September 01, 2008

This and That....on Labor day weekend

Well Happy Labor day to everyone. Hope all had a safe weekend. So far, mine has been uneventfully safe and sound. I'm just getting ready to face the new "non-summer" season. Not really Autumn know.
I had a chance to photograph the finished Dashings mitts. I made for my DBF - Big G>
100_3003 100_3000

He said he didn't need them, but I figure he may this winter. If not, they'll be in his car for me.

I'm making another pair in Camouflage yarn for another friend who is big into hunting. He'll laugh, but he might actually wear them.

I started BYOB and got to the very simple lace center portion and could not keep my concentration right for more then 3 rounds. I just couldn't do it. So I ripped it back to the seed stitch and proceeded to crochet a lace pattern. Then I picked up the stitches again and continued on in seed stitch. It looks a little different, but I don't care. I worked for 4 days on the knitted lace and screwed it up royally. But it only took me 1 evening to get the crochet lace part done.

I'll post the Picts. when it's done.

Oh, and I finally broke down today and bought the book A Fine Fleece. I paid too much because I had to get it today while at the bookstore, but I don't care.

I just haven't been restraining myself very well lately.

Keep up the good knits

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