Friday, June 13, 2008

Update on Knitting Projects and Trying to Post Izzy Sock Pattern on Ravelry

I'm trying to post the Izzy's sock pattern (.pdf file) to Ravelry. I'm just waiting for them to approve me. Hopefully this won't take too long. I have the .pdf file just waiting to be downloaded.

I've been very busy crocheting and knitting away. I will be posting all the latest and greatest pictures this weekend.
I've completed the following:
Amigurumi Mouse from Roxy Crafts


Summer bathing suit coverup (my own pattern). It's just a simple open weave pattern in an unmercentized cotton to help absorb water after I swim.

Bonsai Tunic vest (Interweave Knits)


In Progress:
Entrelac socks (Interweave Knits Spring 2007)


Crocheted Rug Knit Simple

I will try to update my Ravelry soon.

I'd rather be Knitting!!

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