Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Quick Sock design update and A Yarn Splurge

I'm finished!!! Sorry I will post the pictures later today or tomorrow.
Very exciting. This has inspired me to maybe try to submit something to Knitty. When I taught at a shop, I came up with all kinds of original designs for different classes. Now there is no one to share them with. I was thinking that these may be perfect to send off to some online magazines to get their take on them. Who knows, maybe they will like them.

I have to say I have been on a yarn buying spree. My stash overfloweth....

Yesterday I was cruising ebay....you know just to see what was there. And there was a person unloading Lopi Lite. Lots of different colors. Whenever I see Lopi on ebay, I usually watch it and it goes for at least what you can buy it for from Webs or other yarn sites. But I put a bid in on it, figuring I would get outbid as I usually do on Lopi. Well......can you believe. I won 15 balls of Lopi lite for 26.00!!!! With shipping it only comes to 2.10/ball. I cannot believe it. I am such a dork that I went to Webs and priced what this would be and it would have cost me about 70.00 to get this much from them. Okay that is not all. Of course I'm on webs so I have to check out the clearance and closeouts. I live for a good deal....Can you tell. Anyway I come across some Cascade Cloud 9(50 % Merino/50% angora) in beautiful shades of pink and yellow. (My daughters new favorite colors.) So we start planning out a scarf and hat set for her. Well she is thinking scarf. I'm thinking she needs a hat this winter. So I buy another 8 balls in 3 shades of pink and yellow. But it was only 35.00 with shipping. I cannot pass this kind of yarn for that kind of price.

I went onto Webs this morning and they are almost out of the colors I purchased. The yarn is a fabulous deal at these close out prices.

Okay...I must stop buying yarn. I have to start really buckling down and knitting what I already have. It's just so damn hard to restrain myself.

Have a Great Day.....Promise pictures soon!


Karen said...

Restraint? At Webs? Surely you jest! Enjoy your bargains -- I know I'll be enjoying the Jaeger closeouts I got there. :-)

~Tonia~ said...

Oh it is so hard to resist yarn. I do my best to stay away from Webs and other sites like that for fear that I can't stop buying.

Beth said...

My yarn buying has been out of control recently. I have 20 balls of a gorgeous color of Classic Elite Skye Tweed that will probably be my all-time best bargain from Webs. :)