Saturday, August 11, 2007

Finished Pair 3 SOS2007

I've finished the basketweave socks. That is Pair 3 for the SOS 2007 KAL.

basketweave socks 2

I'm in the midst of pair 4. Just about done with the First sock. I'm reknitting my CONTEST design pattern in the correct yarn. They are coming out soooo cute. I'm just about ready to send in the pattern. Likely I will get this done in the next couple of weeks. I will post the pictures of both the socks I've done when I send in the pattern. For anyone who is interested.

By the way, My daughter and I decided on the name.....sort of..

She calls them "Izzy's"
I like "Lizzy's"

We came up with the name because the pattern has a resemblance to lizard skin. But of course I did them in Pink and Turquoise.

1 comment:

~Tonia~ said...

The socks look great.

Call the new ones Izzy's Lizzies. LOL