Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer of Socks - Begins for me

Okay.....I know that I am supposed to wait until June 21 to start my socks.....But I couldn't wait. I finished all my sock projects and just could not wait for 2 weeks to start new socks. So.........I began my Ute socks (with a slight color modification). I'm really flying through them!!

ute socks

ute socks in progress

The Colors are quite different from the picture in Favorite Socks (Interweave), but I like them. This is the first real multi-color Fair Isle style project I've ever done. I am a tight knitter so I knew I needed to be really loose. I'm not doing too bad. They fit really nice.

Actually, This project gave me a great idea for a sock pattern that I am working out now for the Summer of Socks pattern contest. I'll keep you all up to date on the swatching. The pattern is color based. I'm not sure if color work is very appealing to sock knitters, because, I think, most of you are like me and very intimidated by multi-color knitting. But I'm going to incorporate color blending that Elizabeth Zimmerman discusses in Knitters Almanac - Difficult Sweater (not really). The swatches will tell if this pattern will ever be born.

I'd love to know if other sock knitters have done Fair Isle work. And If not, why not?

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