Sunday, April 10, 2011

Picture Show: Knitting and Spinning Galore

I have not taken the time to update my blog because I have been too busy to actually knitting and Spinning. Much has gotten done!!!

Ultraviolet from FiberOptics. Traditional 3-ply. 19-20 WPI

Stand By Me Crown Mountain Farms (On the Bobbins)

Traditional 3-ply 15 WPI & Navajo plied 20 WPI with seconds Bobbin waiting to be Navajo Plied.

Mini Moochie in the Hermione's Everyday Sock Pattern (Free Ravelry Download).

Dead Simple Lace Socks(Toe Up Socks - Wendy Johnson)

Sweaters And Other Sundries
Girl Friday

Flyindales (A Find Fleece-Lisa Lloyd)

Traveling Womans Shawl

Black Clapotis

Nuthatch Chullo (Colorwork Creations)

Hope you enjoyed the Picture Show.

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