Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Tour de Fleece Update

I did not say much this year about Tour de Fleece, but I did join the fun. I had with my new wheel and all!! My goal was to try to make a 3 ply fingerweight. I was not sure how thin I could actually spin on Chloe (My Majacraft Wheel). So I set that as my goal. I had 5 oz of 3 colors ways: one olive green , one sage green, and one silver with some light blues (mixed). I thought these plyed together would make a nice marled sock yarn.

I completed the 3 singles and got them plyed last Sunday. Just got it done under the wire. I really liked how it looked on the spool, but when I wound it off, I could see that it was underspun. I gave it a soak and that just made matters worse!!

I let it dry wrapped around my drying rack to stretch it. I probably could have lived with it being underspun, since it actually came out as a lace weight (about 20 WPI) and there was almost 600 yards. I decided this would make a nice smaller shawl instead of socks. But i really wanted a balanced yarn.

So I wound it into a ball after it was dry and ran it through my wheel again!! Yes I just wanted this yarn to be as close to perfect as possible. I re-wound it off today and it is drying now. It seems to be perfectly balanced. Yeah!!

So I feel very accomplished at being able to spin a 3 ply lace weight. Now my next spinning goal is to get it a little fatter. I still want some handspun sock weight.

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