Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Awesomeness is Getting Closer

So, What is the Awesomeness?
Well, At the Upper Vally Fibber Festival. I spent 4 hours talking to everyone who was spinning about what they liked about their wheels and I tried every wheel I could get my handles on. Hands down, I like the Majacraft the best. I was torn between the Rose and the Suzie Pro. I actually found the strength to leave the show without buying the wheel at that show. OF course the vendors Tempted my like crazy...."You can have this one. It's already put together?" and "I have this one in the truck." ACK!!!!! RUN!!!!!quick, before I impulse buy!!!!!!

I have been spending about a year studying wheels - their features, designs, the ups and downs of each of these designs. But the UVFF was the first opportunity for me to actually sit down on a bunch of wheels and try them out.

First of all, I determined I do not want Single treadle. I tried 2 different types and did not like the feel/action at all!!

Also, i did not like the Ashford wheels (Heretic, I know). So many people have them around here, and everyone who has, one likes it. But for me, it did not seem as solid as the the Majacraft or the Fricke I tried. The Kromski was just okay....beautiful - Yes!! But again, not as sturdy to spin on as I seem to like. The Louet was okay but the one I tried was a single treadle and "h-a-t-e-d it." Sorry I think it was mostly the Single treadle and not the Louet.
Oh, Also, after reading reviews from MS&W, I got fascinated with the Hansen Electric Spinner. I almost actually impulse ordered one before I even tried a spinning wheel. Thankfully, I resisted that Impulse buy!! I tried an Ashford electric spinner and decided I wanted a wheel not an electric spinner. So anyway. This is my very simplistic overview of the wheels I tried.

I narrowed it down pretty quickly to the Majacraft, Rose or Suzie Pro. I needed to think on it for a few days to be sure. After all this research, I did not want to impulse buy a wheel and have buyers remorse. Needless to say, I did a little more reading about the difference between the 2 wheels and I ordered a Rose the following Friday!! I am waiting for it's arrival. And yesterday my dealer (Circle Hill Farms) emailed me and told me it may be coming this week, she got a notification it was ready!! I'm so excited!!!!!

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