Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Le Smoking

OK, Really Really Really Finished this time. I got the belt done. All 6 feet of it. And in the midst of that I started a new Toe-up sock (from Chrissy Gardiner's book). And a color work "Draft Dodger" from Color by Kristen. I realized after trying to find wool in various colors in my stash...I am very adverse to strange colors. I thought I had lots of colors, but no brights..... what so ever. This, of course, is very contrary to Kristen's philosophy of: "The More Color the Better!"

I look at this as an excuse to go out and but some odd ball colors of yarn. Oh the agony!!!

I've been doing the Draft Dodger using the magic loop method. I'm brave...Color work, magic loop and 2 handed knitting! It's been like wrestling an Octopus, but i'm getting better.

As for the toe-up socks, I decided to do just on my trusty double points. On Sunday I finished all the way past the heel. And it actually looks Pretty good, for a short row heel. My wraps and turns came out pretty good! I think I'm liking the toe up. Of course I need to try it on now. I haven't done that yet to be sure the heel is at the correct length for my foot.

Have a good one!!

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