Saturday, February 27, 2010

Almost Almost Done...........

I am so close. I spent about 4 hours meticulously seaming all the pieces together. i cannot believe it took that long to seam. My back was killing me!

Now I am working on the collar. (Since Wednesday.) I have to say I figured that the collar would be a 1-nighter, but that just has not been the case.

Night 1: Pick up the stitches around the neck. Then proceed to screwed up the first 6 row repeat of Chart A - I could not believe it. i had to rip out all but the first pick up row. Gave up - went to bed.
Night 2: Got through the first set of 6 rows without another mistake....that I noticed.
Night 3: Finish the second repeat of 6 rows. Feeling pretty confident.
Morning 4: Found dropped stitch. Almost made it's way back to the pick up row!!! (WHEW) major disaster avoided. On top of that the dropped stitch was not apart of any cable crossing!!! How was I that lucky??? I have now picked up the stitch and I am ready to proceed with my 3rd repeat of the Chart A.

I will finish this sweater!!!!!!
I will finish this sweater!!!!!
I will finish this sweater!!!!!

Pictures will follow. I am still re-loading all my software onto my computer. It had a little "crash" last week and I needed to reload the whole system. UGH!

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