Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Fall To All

Thanks to everyone who contacted me about my last blog post. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

Things have been very busy in my household. My son started his Freshman year at University of Charleston (WV). There was so much to get done to get him ready. But he is doing great there so far.

I've also changed responsibilities at work. I've been in the same group for about 12 years now. I work for a very very large consumer goods company, and I am a perfumer. I'm staying in perfume, but I am changing assignments. I'm now working in air fresheners, candles, and all those types of products. I'm excited. It's a very fun area to work in. I was working in Beauty products (shampoo, antiperspirants, creams, etc) for about 15 years. I think the change will be good. It's just alot of work now.

I've been a very scattered in my project work. Usually, I am very monogamous to my projects. But lately, I am staring all kinds of projects and not just knitting. I found a book called 200 Braids to Twist Knot Loop and Weave. I think it is so cool. I want to try all these braids and twists. And I have no clue what I would use them for right now.
I'm thinking about crochet projects and I just started the Long Cabled Vest in Lion Alpaca Yarn. I've already got the fronts done and I am 1/2 up the back. But I am itching to start 2 other knitting project, This drops design and this Caron pattern.

Also, I'm itching to spin more. And use some of my Handspun on some hats and cowls

See, I all over the map these days. I find that when I am like this, it is best to start every project that stricks my fancy. Naturally, I will stop working on the projects that I really am not interested in, and put more time into the ones I find most fulfilling. You know, some projects are just more interesting in your head. It goes back to the saying: "Do what you love" But sometimes you have to try a bunch of things to figure out exactly what you love doing, right?

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