Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekend Fun Projects

I spent this weekend getting myself in the mood for Halloween and fall by crocheting up some candy corn bags with some stash Wool of the Andes (KnitPicks). I usually make some some extra special bags for the little kids in the neighborhood, and I thought that these would be very cute to put candy in. I felted them somewhat, but I wanted them to be large enough to hold the goodies.


Scary Jack-O Lantern to hang on my door at work

Other than that I have been working on my Multi-Directional Comfort sweater. I was trying to decide whether or not to use the Cowl style neck that the pattern calls for or to go with a more simple ribbed neck. I've decided that the Cowl neckline is needed. The sweater changes direction (from vertical to horizontal garter stitch rows) right at my waist. I think without the cowl neck, the focus of the sweater will be on the line at my waist. I would like to draw the attention up to my face more. The collar should do that nicely.

I found the best little gadget to enable my reading and knitting at the same time. It is called a FlipClip. It hold the book open so you can read - hands free!!! It is fairly sturdy. I was a little skeptical that would hold the book open, but it worked great. At least on the hard back book I used it for. I have yet to try it on a paperback, but that is it's next test.

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Karen said...

Candy corn bags -- too cute!