Friday, May 09, 2008

Crochet and Knit Giveaway

I love the idea that Brianna and Marly had about a centralized blog to post giveaways. I'm joining in.
Giveaway Item(s):
Knit and Crochet May Giveaway

Knit and Crochet Giveaway 2

This is some of my early handspun yarn (Corridale, of course). It is a heavy worsted weight (to slightly bulky). It is a 2 ply yarn that is spun fairly tightly. I did it on a hand spindle, not a wheel. There is about 150 yards total - 75 to 100 yds in each (1 skein, 1 ball). In addition, I am included some left over Classic Elite Miracle yarn (did I mention this yarn is soft as butter.) There is only about 25 yds of the Miracle, but I thought it would be a nice edging for something knit with his handspun.

How the winner will be chosen:

Giveaway Begins: May 9, 2008 Time: As soon as I get this post up.

Giveaway Ends: May 25,2008 8:00 PM

Winner will be notified by: May 27, 2008 - via e-mail & post on my blog. I will also attempt to comment on your blog

Rules: No duplicate entries/comments. No spamming. Giveaway is open to everyone. Winner MUST respond within five days, otherwise they forfeit their winnings, and a new winner will be announced. This giveaway is restricted to US participants only. I'm just not sure how the shipping would work out if I had to send it overseas.

How to Enter: Leave me a comment about your spinning experiences. Do you use a drop spindle or wheel. What got you into it? Do you like it better than knitting? How do you fit it into your knitting time.

I'm asking these questions because I spun this yarn on a drop spindle, and plyed it on my drop spindle. I liked doing very much but I haven't really gone back to it. I'm not sure why. I wouldn't say it was hard or even awkward. It seemed to come very naturally to me. So I don't think that's it. I'm just curious if others have had this experience. I think I just like knitting so much that I'm just not ready to put it down for something else yet.

Also, I completed a hat in this yarn and I think it knits up well. It always helps me to see something knit with the yarn I am looking at. (Sorry, Hat not included in the Giveaway)
Vita with Handspun

I did not use the Classic Elite in this hat. I used some other handspun in cream, but I did not have any left to include in this giveaway.

Happy Knitting


Lynn said...

My only experience with spinning has been with a drop spindle at a Colonial Life day when my son was in elementary school.

I really admire those who spin!

clpp65 AT gmail DOT com

Brianna said...

I'm both entering for the giveaway, and letting you know that the link leads to your main blog address instead of the specific giveaway entry. :)

Could you relist your giveaway with the following url:

As for my spinning experience--well. I have a bottom whorl spindle, and I can do a little bit of spinning, but it's awful and I feel clumsy. Hehe. I would love to take spinning classes on a wheel, though. I think that would be much more my thing.

brianna @

Thanks! :)

Lisa L said...


I started on a drop spindle bought on EBay and then purchased a second spindle. I spent a summer and fall using the spindle and did enjoy it. However, when Christmas rolled around my husband bought me a spinning wheel and spinning lessons! I haven't picked up the spindle since. I might look at purchasing a more expensive spindle to spin finer yarn when I go to Rhinebeck in the fall but for now I'm all about the wheel!

Your yarn is beautiful!

Telmah said...

My spinning experience... about a year ago I inherited (from a friend who was moving) a raw fleece from a sheep and a homemade spindle that her dad made! I really want to learn to spin, but I haven't made any investment in it yet... and that fleece is just TOO much work for my small apartment and a beginner spinner! I won't get rid of it though, so it lives in a trunk for someday..

katerina said...

My experience with spinning has been minimal - I like to focus on one thing and get it - maybe not 'mastered' but have a good hold of the skills involved before I move on to the next, and I'm still working on conquering some of my knitting skills, so I am resisting the spinning for now, but I love the idea of experiencing handspun to give me an idea of where I can go from here!
The yarn looks scrumptious btw, and Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

EmDao said...

I try drop spindle spinning, but i haven't been able to learn how to ply the yarn together. My spinning experience is next to none. But i would love to learn how to spin. Its on my list of things to learn!

Lacey said...

I've just started spinning on a spindle. I got it in a swap as a gift. I love it so far. Creating real yarn from fluff just flicks the switch. So far I've been pretty good. Not so much for the same weight all the way through, but I've got it fairly thin already. No bulky for me- socks call me. :D

Kabira said...

I'm a 50+ year knitter who spun a bit in the 70's (I think everyone my age did!) and who is now contemplating a return to spinning - since all the lovely hand-dyed rovings eliminate the work of washing, washing, washing and carding, carding, carding fleece. But I'm only a little bit enchanted by the usual marled yarn from handpainted roving so I'm reading up on how to get different color effects before I take the plunge and buy a wheel.
Kabira501 at yahoo dot com

Katie O said...

I have only tried it one time on a friends spindle at knitting night. I am afraid to get one, cuz I'm afraid that I'll want more fabric and then more spinning stuff... so I'll tread slowly, but would like to try it and get more involved if I ever get to buy a house... :) The yarn looks wonderful

Yarn Thing said...

Okay, I want to join in on the fun! Sign me up! I have never spun yarn BUT I have a book telling me to do it!


Yarn Thing said...

That is too funny that you thought I was talking about you. Seriously...there were so many people without the link that I was shocked!

I am so happy that you like the giveaways. Am I too late to enter?